multitasking media maniac


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AJ Korkidak


is a very, very multidisciplinary media maker.


AJ’s work is innovative, interdisciplinary, visually sharp and often funny. Equally committed to elegant concepts as he is to flawless technical execution, he is as adept behind a camera (whether it be a still camera, a cinema camera on a gimbal, a 360 camera, a live video setup, etc) as he is behind a computer (where he is fluent in all Adobe CS programs.)  

He is co-creator of the acclaimed live cinema show Kid Koala's Nufonia Must Fall which has charmed audiences around the globe from Asia to South America and been hailed by Vice as 'an evolutionary expansion into the future of theatre'.

His work as creative director at Cause Comms, an agency focusing on political activism, has been recognized with a prestigious Pollie award, and work commissioned by the Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux won honours from the Canadian Association of Labour Media.

AJ has also won awards for his short narrative fiction films and music videos, which have screened at festivals internationally and have been broadcasted nationally.